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    The smalest, most impactful standard-city light size (format 1,3x3m i 1,4x3m). Located primarily in the city, they command high-density consumer exposure. It is an ideal medium for long-term advertisements, providing greatest visibility, both during the day and night (with backlighting). City light is comprised of backlight vinyl sheets made as a single piece, so the same display may be reused many times. This allows the advertisements to be easily relocated from one bigboard location to another, creating the effect of the much bigger ad campaign for the client

    TC Staklenac (city light)

    Number of ads displayed: 7, Dimensions: 1.35x2.91 m, 1.35x2.91 m, 1.35x2.91 m, 1.35x2.91 m, 1.41x2.91 m, 1.41x2.91 m, 1.41x2.91 m, Area: 28.0233 m2

    City lights are located in the absolute centre of the city, on the entrance to the shopping mall Staklenac on the Republic square. On such position, they allow direct contact to a huge amount of clients.